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What is a student success management system?

icon-eabEAB Campus is higher education’s first student success management system, a comprehensive platform that invisibly wires your campus with analytics and provides your campus-wide support network with tools to help every student make smarter choices along their college journey. Gone are the days of managing multiple solutions that ease only part of your journey to student success.

Student success management is all about embracing the most progressive practices to help more students cross the finish line. EAB’s student success management system empowers you to achieve that goal.

Using academic analytics paired with student-facing mobile technology, the platform is proven to support students, advisers, faculty and administrators, arming anyone with a stake in student success with the right information.

Although all Faculty will see the icon on eCampus, the service is only available for select Faculty and Academic Advisors at this time.

How does the management system work?

The management system is designed around a three-stage model: triage, assess and intervene.

  1. Triage: Using the tools provided, including work lists, student status and other risk identifiers, you can proactively find students in need of assistance instead of waiting for them to reach out to you after they are in need of help.
  2. Assess: Each student has a profile that shows key trends that contribute to their outcomes, such as GPA progression, credit accumulation and student performance. The data is shown in a way that highlights issues most likely to cause risk to the student’s outcome, such as poor performance in a key course or a declining GPA trend, making it easier for the user to suggest solutions.
  3. Intervene: Using the student profile, you have various ways to reach out to the student. The system will allow you to note these interventions, as well as set reminders for follow up with the student.

Logging in to the system:

To request access to the EAB, have your manager or supervisor contact the Help Desk.

Once access has been granted, you will automatically be able to log in through eCampus by clicking on the EAB Navigate icon. 

Contact the Help Desk for issues accessing the service or any technical errors. For all other functional questions or data issues please contact Academic Services and Retention.


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